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printing terminal for

Social network photos

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PhotoJet photo printing machine from social networks .

Print from social networks

Photos searched by user name and hashtag simultaneously, meaning more convenience for terminal users

Print a selfie

Users can take selfies using the high-quality built-in camera. In real time, the image can be modified with photo-accessories (moustache, glasses, hats, etc.) and filters (image distortions)

Print from phone

PhotoJet can print photos right from your phone! All you have to do is download the free PhotoJet mobile app to your mobile phone.

Charging of Apple and
Android mobile phones

To make sure that terminal users can recharge their devices, the terminal features free phone-charging capability. This lets the terminal owner increase consumer loyalty for his equipment and boost his earnings.

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Full autonomy

To launch your new business, all you need is 1
square meter of space and an electrical outlet

Remote control

You can monitor the functioning of your
equipment in real time from any device
connected to the Internet.


You can in one day move the terminal
to a new location and start it up again.

No human factor

PhotoJet terminals won’t fall asleep on the job,
and your customers won’t be shortchanged or
subjected to rudeness.

Simplicity of operation

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge
to be able to work with this equipment.

Rapid rate of return

It is absolutely realistic to expect your new
business to pay for itself in 3-4 months.


PhotoJet. Cutting-edge technology
working for you

Advantages of working with PhotoJet equipment

Advantages of working with equipment PhotoJet

Optimal price/quality trade-off

You can view the entire scope of your equipment’s operation in real time from any device connected to the Internet..

The equipment is manufactured using only top-quality components

Unique PhotoJet software

Equipment is ready to start operating upon delivery

Rapid achievement of break-even point – record-breaking metric is less than 2 months.
High expected return on investment.

Advertising support for your retail outlet. Depending on the
format of your retail outlet, we offer a suitable array of in-store

Help in finding placements

Full support at all levels of operations. Your success is our success. Following our business development plan, you will come to turnover of $2000 per month and up in a two-month period.

Our clients do not experience shortage of necessary supplies, such as photo paper. You will not have a situation when we cannot delivery what you need for a continuous business operations.


PhotoJet. Good quality costs.
“Poor quality” costs even more

Why PhotoJet

If we were given one cent for every question “how our equipment is different from the comparable products”, we have become millionaires by now. Please, take your time to read the text below carefully to the very end.

PhotoJet’s metal housing

Just as in case of any other self-serve(-ing) automated terminal (payment terminals, ATMs, information kiosks, etc.), our terminal is made of metal and factory-assembled. It is probably more expensive than hammering together a wooden box, but it keeps our clients from worrying about the service life of the equipment and safety of the cash inside.

Operating system

We work exclusively with Linux. The equipment, boasting uninterrupted connection to the Internet, has been subjected to hacker attacks and viruses. From that standpoint, there’s just nothing better than Linux.

Top-quality components

In our work, we use only components that have distinguished themselves in high-load self-serve systems. These
parts make it possible to leave technical equipment glitches behind. You’ll only have one reason for making
trips to PhotoJet – collecting your money :)

Unique capabilities of the PhotoJet photo-printing terminal

All of the other equipment currently available on the market is limited to the printing of social networks content
and selfies at the terminal. We’ve gone much further and developed functionality that allows for printing right
from your phone. Now, even people who don’t have an account in social networks can print photos from their phone –
and you have to admit, that’s a lot of users View

Perforated paper

We use perforated paper- photo paper with a longitudinal perforation.
The machine delivers a snapshot- 10 by 15 cm- where two photos in Polaroid format are separated by perforations.
We no longer use the cutter for the following reasons.
First, after 500 to 700 pictures the cutter requires a re-calibration.
Second, the mechanical part of the cutter is vulnerable for breakdowns.

Decoration shops

In addition to all technical “fillings” and along with the equipment, we include necessary rollups to design your future outlet as well as patterns of floor stickers (to be placed on the floor of the shopping center by the entrance) and advertising materials. This helps to increase sales almost twice. Thanks to well thought through and proven marketing approaches related to our equipment, we have a strong competitive advantage relative to other similar players currently on the market.

Technical support

Our partners reach out to us with any problems they may have – we always treat their concerns as our own and do our best to find the right solution.

Purchase on a credit

Just because we are confident in the success of our equipment, and the fact that we are long-term oriented in partnering with our favorite customers, we offer purchases on installment basis.

Domestic and international shipments

We ship to different countries and continents

And in conclusion. We’re an equipment manufacturer, terminal-network operator and software developer in one,
which is precisely why we know all the intricacies of the processes involved – at both the administrative and
technical levels. We welcome the opportunity to share not only our knowledge – but also our experience – with
our clients (partners).


PhotoJet. Turning paper into money.


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